Natural Hair System And Quality Hairpieces at affordable prices

RM1500 onwards

cheapest in Malaysia!!! For limited time only !!

if you have hair loss from Alopecia, Male pattern Baldness, Chemotherapy, or just thinning hair

We have the non-surgical hair loss solution.
The industries most undetectable hair replacement systems

What Is Great


is always well-fitted and is made to fit one’s head perfectly while maintaining a light and airy quality.
It also has to be comfortable and look as natural as possible.


we makes detachable hairpieces by hand. These pieces can be attached onto a head by clips (for areas with hair),tapes(at baid spots) or re-attachment by weaving technique.


your hair replacement system is tailored to fit. Your new unit will be shaped and sized to match your unique balding pattern. It will be color matched, cut and style to blend naturally with your own hair.

Watch the following video demonstration : Molding - Cutting -Design and Styling

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For a person with medical conditions such as alopecia, cancer or chemotherapy , I usually recommend light hair wigs with good ventilation to make way for future hair growth.

It is essential to have a hair piece that is very light, with less hair and preferably short. If they are allergic to colour or dye, it is advisable to use synthetic hair. A good wig is light with good ventilation. We use high grade synthetic.

Enjoy the authenticity of your natural looking full head size unit, the Medi Cap System!

Hairsetup hair systems tangle minimum after wash. Minimum hair fall-small amount of leave in condition for easy style and comb. 100% human hair. Hairsetup provide quality hair system, texture more soft and natural.

Competitors hair systems tangle, break, hard and fall after each wash. Difficult to maintain. Hair systems need more leave in condition. Not 100% human hair, mix with low quality synthetic . You can compare fake and genuine hair systems by looking at the texture of hair.

The above base made of nylon wool. Some hair club, hair treatment center and salons still used this outdated base. Its itch, not comfortable , warm , sweat not able to tape or clips well. It also damaged the scalp

Maybe you’re a customer of a big retail hair club and are not satisfied with the high prices, contracts, poor quality of the hair piece, expensive monthly appointments and high pressure sales tactics. you’re paying too much for your hair!! You are not satisfied because the hair piece just does not look natural - too much hair and un-natural looking hairline. Or, maybe you are currently wearing a hairpiece now that you are satisfied with but it’s just too expensive.  We can copy it for 1/2 the price or less!

Our company sells these hair replacement systems exclusively - these are not the typical cheap, low quality hair pieces you will find many of our online competitors selling, hair club or salons. Beware of buying hair systems thru online. Come and visit us. Seeing is believing!

RM$6000 / US$1862.53 on the left – Big Hair Club.
RM$1800/ US$540 on the right. – HairSetup

There’s the full Hair Club story. If you really want hair on your head 24/7 and are willing to put up with the itch, the multi-step morning routine and (according to Mr Lee), the dirty-head smell that becomes stronger and stronger during the weeks between your Hair Club haircuts, then fine, go to Hair Club and pay RM6000/US$1862.35 for a RM1800 / US$540toupee.

Otherwise, accept that you’re a balding man, go get a really good toupee from us, you can shower shampoo our hair piece daily or 1-2 times per week Click here . Save yourself a ton of money and a lot of time and fuss and discomfort. Remember, our hair toupee is very easy maintenance and we will provide you the guidance to maintain the toupee. Free of charge. Click here ‘Learn How To Maintain And Clean Hair Piece’

You can swim, jog, sleep, shower, enjoy your favorite sports or anything in the hair system, and comb your hair into many different styles. You can part from the side or near the center. The hair will look natural in windy conditions. You can use gels. The color will match your hair. You can attach the hair system daily, weekly or monthly. We use human hair or you prefer synthetic . Attach the hair system daily, weekly or monthly. We use human hair or you prefer synthetic . The density is determined at the time of the design.

Hairsetup offer one of the most natural, thinnest base in the world. How we can achieved that? Buying from us is like buying factory direct price,. Once we received your order, we process your orders and sent to our overseas partner factory. Our factory technicians staffs will inspect your order to confirm your order specifications. What you see here is what you get, there are no retouched . You will be able to comb your hair the way you want, back, forward, parted or unparted!

Hair Replacement by HairSetup! No hair transplant needed! Absolute highest quality hairpieces and toupees! Buy locally in Malaysia or call us about getting a hairpiece shipped internationally ; United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malawi, Madagascar or anywhere part of the world.

Ready made Men Hair toupee - RM1300- This ready made toupee has a complete front transparent base with mono-filament base, 1 inc lace front for natural looking , single hair per knot giving the appearance of natural hair growth from the scalp. This gents toupee is cleverly designed to allow variation of free style. 100% Human Hair Colour: Medium Dark Brown. Hair uncut, 6 inc, Hair can be color according to your preferences. Base 8 ½ x 7. Hair: medium body waves.

One size only. Limited stock available. Price : RM1300

Buy Online 24/7 From Our Store

Our Customer Says

  1. Mie, Kedah
  2. Amran, Pakistan
  3. Chew, Singapore
  4. Imran Khan, Pakistan
  5. Irwin, Jakarta
  6. Farid , Johor
  7. Boyce, Cheras
  8. Ghazi, Singapore
  9. Lucas, Sarawak
  10. Prema, Damansara Utama, KL
  11. Dr, Damansara, KL
  12. Sharul, Shah Alam
  13. Yeoh, Ipoh
  14. Liew, Seremban
  15. Efsahan, Mauritius
  16. Pathla, Johor
  17. Yayaha, Penang
  18. Kumar, Klang
  19. Rebeca, Melaka
  20. Saroja, Banglore
  21. Simon, Penang
  22. Fazli, Johor
  23. Wong, Sri Petaling, KL
  24. Low, Ipoh (cancer patience)
  25. Dr.Tina-Klang
  26. Danny – Sarawak
  27. Nizam, Johor
  28. Amir, Bentong
  29. Salim Khan - Pakistan
  30. Chong, Puchong
  31. Yazid - Terenganu
  32. Suchart-Thailand
  33. Rizal- Singapore
  34. Nuya
  35. Halim - Kajang, Selangor
  36. Faruk Khan - UK
  37. Eddy - Sarawak
  38. Kashif-Pakistan
  39. Faizal-Seremban
  40. Ajit, Nepal
  41. Piero, Italy
  42. Zul, Kuala Lumpur
  43. Faizan, Abu Dhabi
  44. Usman, Pakistan
  45. Shehzad- Mumbai -India
  46. Omar - Iran
  47. Halim - Seremban
  48. Aqil - Jakarta
  49. Bassam – Bahrain-UAE
  50. Azri - Johor
  51. Faheem-Jeddah-Arab
  52. Yusri-Johor
  53. Sameer-Jordan
  • Mie, Kedah


    Best custome made hair system. I am happy with Hairsetup hairsystem

  • Amran, Pakistan


    Very light -good ventilation and natural looking.Thank you Hairsetup

  • Chew, Singapore


    I want to thank you for the services you gave me delivering such a high quality product. I was just yesterday in one hair saloon and they admitted that this was superior to most hairpieces they regularly apply. Thank you for your service and great product.

  • Imran Khan, Pakistan


    Thank you so very much for my hair! I'm so very pleased with it. Wearing it 24 hours a day. I can do extreme sports, shower and etc, yet it stay strong. You're done such amazing job that it really has change my life !

    Once again, THANK YOU to Firdaus who have tailor made this systems.

  • Irwin, Jakarta


    I am very pleased with my second unit. I have no complaints what so ever. I hope to continue with your hairsetup for many years to come.

    Thanks Fridaus and all who work with you!

  • Farid, Johor


    I was helped by Fridaus who was friendly and efficient. The toupee I choose is so life like and I am always getting comments, even from friends as to how nice my hair always looks.

    The little baby hairs on the front hairline unbelievers. It looks so natural & real.

    I would recommend Hairsetup and the particular make of toupee that I am wearing.

  • Boyce, Cheras


    I have purchased pieces from hair replacement to name a few. I was very leery of purchasing a hairpiece over the phone or mail order. The size, density and etc do not match as per my request. I just could not understand how you could properly size and cut it to my satisfaction. The base is very light. My mum cannot believe the quality and the realistic appearance! Thanks Fridaus and the Hairstylist, great job. Keep up the good work .

  • Ghazi, Singapore


    I have my full cap wig cut and style. Look better-natural with hair line and comfortable. Very Light and good ventilation. My previous full cap from other hair replacement company rather heavy and poor ventilation.

    Thanks to fridaus who have design this medical full cap wig.

  • Lucas, Sarawak


    A part of me that was missing is back……I feel like a different person with new look . Thanks to Hairsetup.

  • Prema, Damansara Utama, KL


    I bought a ready made wig but didn't like the way it looked and felt. Today the custom hair system was the perfect solution for me. Natural-light and it really blend with my own hair. For me a custom hair system from Hair Setup was the ultimate gift.

    Thanks to Firdaus and the hair stylist.

  • Dr, Damansara, KL


    I must say the transparent unit is fantastic. It looks as if the hair is growing from the scalp even when I am holding it in my hands. On the skin, it is definitely invisible.

    Very light, good ventilation and the base is super. I can even swim, gym and do out door activity. The best part of it, the hair color do not fade after swimming. My last hair piece from ……(competitor) is horrible. The color fade after swimming because of the chlorine . Your price is reasonable compare to others.

    Will be ordering one again soon..

  • Sharul, Shah Alam


    I appreciate all your help. I had the piece cut in and I just love it. The color is perfect. The see thru scalp is great and natural. I am very pleased with the prompt and courteous service and look forward to doing more business with you soon.

    Thanks again.

  • Yeoh, Ipoh


    My Hair Replacement has significantly improved my self image and professional appearance. I highly recommend other men with hair loss problems consider this option.

  • Liew, Seremban


    Thank you for giving me back my hair I feel great. I think after trying different treatments without results it was hard to believe that there are options out there for men with hair loss. Thanks to Firdaus, I can wear my hair in different styles and feel good about myself again.

  • Efsahan, Mauritius


    I received the pieces, cut and styled…AWESOME.

    A thousand thank yours it is great, in fact to be honest it is the best transparent unit I have ever had.

    Be sure to receive my next order very soon.

    Take care for now.


    Efsahan - Mauritius

  • Pathla, Johor


    The hair system is great. I love the color, hair wave and the texture of the hair.

    The front edge with tiny baby hair looks natural. It fit great too. I had co-worker ask me if my hair finally grew. Thank you.

  • Yayaha, Penang


    I just wanted to say thank you for the very high quality job done on my order and also for doing it so quickly! The less density hair system is great on me. Thank you.

  • Kumar, Klang


    I'm very pleased with your service! Excellent prices, a great selection, and fast service! I received my order within 40 days... and the hair system so natural...

  • Rebeca, Melaka


    Hairsetup is beautiful, easy to wear and it's the best quality hair I've ever worn in my life. Hair is a very big part of my brand, and I'm so in love and don't see myself ever falling in love with another hair brand other than Hairsetup. Too fabulous for words!

  • Saroja, Banglore


  • Simon, Penang


    The Custom made toupee is fantastic! Thank you so much! I will be ordering another one for sure ! Thanks also for the great service!

  • Fazli, Johor


    Great Hair piece. The hair cut, color really blend with my own natural hair. Look really good and natural. I will definitely recommend Hairsetup to peoples that I know for the excellent products and customer service. Thank you.

  • Wong, Sri Petaling, KL


    Top quality hair replacement system. Firdaus is friendly and very helpful. Great hair cut.

  • Low, Ipoh (cancer patience)


    Losing my hair was very traumatic. I tried full wig and etc. None work for me. I am happy with Hairsetup medical cap wig. It fit well... I feel good.

    Thanks to Firdaus.

  • Dr.Tina, Klang


    Thank you for making me feel feminine again. I love my new look. All the best.

  • Danny, Sarawak


    Thank you very much for my new hair which I am now wearing with confidence. I am very pleased with the end result, which feels and looks so natural.

  • Nizam, Johor


    The custom made toupee looks great and natural. Before this I was wearing a wig does not look natural of low quality.

    Now, with Hairsetup, I am confident wearing it. I would like to thank Firdaus who recommend the natural looking toupee that suit me.

  • Amir, Bentong


    After trying all the hair treatment none work for me. Finally my friend recommend Hairsetup. Very light, natural and I can wear it 24 hours a day with the weaving technique.

  • Salim Khan, Pakistan


    After not being satisfied with hair transplants, hair treatment going to Hairsetup was a great decision.

    I've had complements from people I see every day. New people I meet and those I haven't seen for a while ever suspect I have added hair.

    Thanks to Firdaus :)

  • Chong, Puchong


    Your hair system is great. I can swim with it, jog and do all those active sport. When I place an order with you, I was little skeptical. Am I going to get horrible looking hair system. I didn't want to look like I had a dead animal on my head.

    When I received your call for hair fitting and the cut, I was indeed happy with your unit. Natural, good ventilation and best of all, the base light like feather. Great job.

    Thank you.

  • Yazid, Terenganu


    – Great Hair replacement system…

  • Suchart, Thailand


    I have already recommended Hairsetup to friends, the custom made hair system great and it transform my image . I can comb any direction and it settle down easily, I was amazed and impressed. Thank you very much.

  • Rizal, Singapore


    Natural Hairline, Realistic Look and Feel. Thank you Hairsetup.

  • Nuya


    I'm really satisfied and happy!

  • Halim, Kajang, Selangor


    Very Impressive.!!!! Thank you Hairsetup.

  • Faruk Khan, UK


    I just wanted to say how delighted I was with my Hairsetup Super Fine Tech hairpiece. I would like thanks Firdaus for your personal service is second to none and you made the whole fitting and cutting aspect easy and effortless. You are highly professional and far exceeded my expectations.

    To new customers I can only say Hairsetup set the standard for a natural result and supreme quality ... purchase with confidence!

  • Eddy, Sarawak


    I just wanted to let you know how much I like my new full cap wig. It fits perfectly and it is so much cooler and light. I also love the color and cut. None of my friends know I am wearing a wig. You are a great men with a wonderful gift and I am so glad to know you. N. Take care…

  • Kashif, Pakistan


    I suffer with genetically thinning hair and it affected my social life greatly but now I’ve got a custom made hair system from Hairsetup.

    The amount of people who tell me how much younger I look and how good I look just makes me feel fantastic.

    I’ve had this hair system for about 2 months now and I treat it as a normal head of hair, I genuinely

    forget its not really mine, anyway enough babbling, but just to say if you are suffering like I was, give Hairsetup ring and get booked in! Thanks to Firdaus and staffs ....:)

  • Faizal, Seremban


    I am very happy with the Hairsetup product.:)

  • Ajit, Nepal


    Finally after years of suffering past to wear wigs, I have again the feeling to get my natural hair, I can go to the gym, swimming doing all those sport activities, without fear that it will lose the wig from his head.

  • Piero, Italy


    You and your associates have provided me with a terrific hair system and prompt service for taking care of it.

  • Zul, Kuala Lumpur


    I'm really pleased to have found a competent and honest hair system company like yours, after years of trying with other companies

  • Faizan, Abu Dhabi


    Hairsetup uses the best technology for each client. I just got my new hair systems cut in and I really love how they look and feel.

  • Usman, Pakistan


    Excellent service! The staff takes a personal interest to be sure I’m satisfied with everything

  • Shehzad, Mumbai, India


    Hair system from Hairsetup looks natural. My appearance looks so natural that even I forget that I’m now a Hairsetup client. That’s when you know you have found an amazing solution … when you can just go on and enjoy your life without thinking about it. It build my confident now…Thank you Hairsetup

  • Omar, Iran


    Appearance and Image is very important to me. I am model and business owner. And now I look exactly like I want to. Hairsetup hairsytem is easy styling and light-Fantastic

  • Halim, Seremban


    Losing hair at young age made me knocked my confidence. Hairsetup hair system has changed my life. Really. Thanks to Firdaus and his hairstylist....great job

  • Aliq, Jakarta


    I like my new look- Its boost my confident- Thank you Hairsetup

  • Bassam – Bahrain-UAE


    I was a little bit nervous when I came Hairsetup. I did not know what to expect. I had, had nasty experiences before with hair replacement in general but thanks to your Hairsetup hair system it’s great. I will recommend it to other people. Thanks Again.- Bassam – Bahrain-UAE

  • Azri - Johor


    Thank you all so much- you have changed my life literally. I can now swim, gym,shower and etc … Thank you again Hairsetup....Amazing – Azri - Johor

  • Faheem-Jeddah-Arab


    I got my hair replacement systems cut and style. I would like mentionedhere that Hairsetup are excellent! The quality of the hair, texture and color match prefect. I am very impressed with the fact that everything went so well and delivered as promised.

    I would recommend your Hairsetup to anyone seeking quality, value and timely delivery. Hairsetup delivered everything it advertised and provided exceptional customer service to me. You have made a new friend and loyal customer Thank you-. Faheem-Jeddah-Arab

  • Sameer-Jordan


    I want to take this opportunity to thank Firdaus and staff for all your care and support. At Hairsetup, you exhibit such professionalism. I am so pleased with my new hair replacement. It is super natural! I feel like I’m re-born again and adore the new hairstyle!

  • Yusri-Johor


    I just can't find the words to say how happy I am with my new Hairsetup system. Everyone who saw me tells me how great I look and they do not know about my hair loss. I am so happy with this new look. A big THANK YOU to Firdaus and his teams. You make my life so much better.
    Sameer - Jordan

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