Frequently Ask Questions

Why choose HAIRSETUP?

A very good question! With so many outlets to choose from, why HAIRSETUP? Here’s why. At HAIRSETUP, we offer a very private and comfortable environment where you can enjoy a wide range of Hair Replacement services. As the founder of HAIRSETUP, I can assure you that our clients are always our top priority, and that their needs will be attended to with the utmost care. As a hair wearer myself, I have also vast experience ordering from other hair replacement studios and I can empathize with clients who have been treated unfairly. As a result, they not only lose their hair but also their money! I also want clients to be aware that you do not need to pay RM5000-RM10000 or more for a quality hair system. It is a myth created by the hair replacement industry that the more you pay, the better the hair system. Such a marketing ploy is merely to make unsuspecting clients feel good when parting with their money. At HAIRSETUP, we meet or exceed the exact same high standard at prices that are reasonable and affordable. By combining our quality hair systems with the latest techniques that we employ, the whole process of being fitted with a hair system is absolutely stress free! You will feel like a new person without having to spend a small fortune.

How durable is your Hair System?

Your hair system should last for a considerable period of time, but it all depends on various factors such as your lifestyle, the hair products that you use, and how you care for it. As our client, you will be provided with all the essential care and maintenance instructions. Since we start off with only the best quality hair, our hair systems are generally expected to last about a year or less than a year depending on the maintenance and care. With greater care, many last longer.

How frequently does the hair system have to be replaced?

Generally, your hair system should last at least 6 months or less than a year, but it could also last one year or longer. Nevertheless, to enjoy a better image, it is advisable to get your hair system replaced at least once or twice a year.

How long does it take to create a custom hair system?

After an order is placed, it will take about 3- 4 months to create a custom hair system. However, special arrangements can be made should you require one sooner.

Will my hair system be blown off on a windy day?

Certainly not! Unfortunately, this is an unfounded fear among prospective or existing users of hair systems propagated in comic books and comedy skits. These comedic moments might well have a kernel of truth in years gone by, but they are far divorced from reality as far as modern hair systems are concerned. At HAIRSETUP, the advanced integral bonding function in our hair systems has been designed and tested to withstand the strongest winds.

Would anyone be able to tell that it is a hair system, and not my own hair?

The simple answer is “No!” if your hair system comes from HAIRSETUP. Hair systems have advanced in tandem with technology and HAIRSETUP keeps in close touch with the leading edge. Thanks to modern advancement, we are able to use the finest quality material that mimics your own hair and hair direction. Our professional stylists will fit you with a hair system that gives you a natural look so that you can project your new image with perfect poise and confidence. Nobody will be able to tell it’s not your own hair.

Is it possible to grow my own hair back?

Alas, this is mainly wishful thinking for those who have lost their hair. At the present moment, there is no product that can miraculously stimulate hair growth to achieve an acceptable appearance, especially for those who have lost their hair for an extended period. Nevertheless, that does not prevent some manufacturers from making outlandish claims. With many of these products, ranging from lotions like minoxidil to tablets like finasteride, they have to be taken for the rest of your life, and may cause serious side effects such as sexual dysfunction or impotence.

A hair system allows you to have a full head of hair without having to undergo surgery or worrying about side effects. It is the most pragmatic solution to hair loss. Within a short period of time, you can have a whole crop of hair that looks like your own, thanks to our advanced techniques in hair systems.

Why shouldn’t I consider a hair transplant as a permanent solution?

In fact, many of our clients are those who have had unsatisfactory hair transplants. The problem with a hair transplant is that you can never achieve the required hair density or have enough donor hair to cover a large area. Repeated treatments are often required, and you might even have to take tablets like finasteride for the rest of your life. Although advancements have been made in hair transplants to reduce scarring, the aesthetics have unfortunately not improved much. Hair transplants might look good in pictures, but a transplant where the hair density is acceptable is rare. The problem lies in the fact it is not possible to transplant hair follicles very close to one another the same way that they are very tightly packed together on the scalp. That’s why you are more likely to end up with wispy hair. The hair that is first transplanted will all fall out before it starts growing again. This whole process may take a year or more. Moreover, complications might occur, causing your scalp to be scarred or damaged. A faulty hair transplant might also affect the rest of your own natural hair, stressing hair follicles into shock and thus losing even more hair than before you had your hair transplant.

Will the hair system you supply match the quality of those offered by upmarket Hair Replacement Studios patronized by famous celebrities?

Yes, it will definitely be as good, if not even better. Whether you pay RM$5000 or RM$9000, the final product won’t be that much different. It is all up to the hair companies to decide how much to charge. In fact, the cost of making a hair system is more or less similar for us as it is for any expensive studio, regardless of the fancy names posh studios bestow upon their products. At HAIRSETUP, we share this secret with the public so that you know it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg for a quality hair system.

You can use our services with peace of mind. If you are already using a hair system, we assure you that we can match your existing system exactly, or improve on it further. And if you are not satisfied, you get your money back. That’s our guarantee.

Do I need to shave my head for a hair system fitting?

You need not do that immediately. We prepare a mold of your scalp without the need for shaving, trimming, or cutting your existing hair, and so there is no danger of having your hair removed if the fitting does not turn out well. When your custom piece arrives, you will be invited to be at our studio for a temporary fitting. There, our stylist will cut the hair to the style and length you wish. We also blend the hair system in with your existing hair for that natural look. Only when you are happy with the new look do we shave your head to fit the hair system securely.

How difficult is it to purchase a hair system, and how long do I have to wait after I place an order?

It is very easy to make a purchase. Just go to the products page and select the best option for you i.e. whether it’s full lace, lace front, skin system, or monofilament. Click “Custom Order Now” and you will be directed to the page of your chosen base. Next, select your custom options. When you click on “CUSTOM FITTING KIT”, you will be provided option to select how the delivery is to be made.

Online payments can be made via the website using payment gateway or PayPal (there is no need to have a PayPal account). We also accept payment over the phone. Once your payment is made, you will receive a receipt of your purchase while a copy of your order specifications will be forwarded to us. Just send us your template and hair samples if required, and we will start work on your new hair system immediately. The new custom system will be delivered to you in discrete packaging in 3-4 months.

What happens if I am not happy with the hair system that I receive?

This is very unlikely to happen as we are very confident the customized hair system will meet your expectations. Nevertheless, if it does not, then simply send it back to us and tell us your concern. We will either rectify any issues with the system or replace it with a brand new one if your dissatisfaction is due to the manufacturing process. If the product still does not meet with your satisfaction, we shall refund you your payment under our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (subject to the reasons for the return). Stock systems can be returned for a full money-back guarantee provided it is returned in the original condition it was sent, uncut, and undamaged. Please read HAIRSETUP Money Back Guarantee and Return Policy.

What do I do if the Hair system I want is not offered on your products page?

No worries! The hair systems featured on our products page are simply the most common and popular systems. However, if you have in mind a hair system that you need, or if you want to design your own hair system, just email us the necessary details at and we will contact you to review all your specifications.

Do you offer support for your products?

Certainly! We offer full email or phone support so that you can ask us any question or express your concerns. If you wish to be contacted directly, just let us have your contact details. Alternatively, the email support is available at all times and your queries will be attended to within 24-48 hours. Clients are also welcome to drop by our studio.

What Base Material is the best?

Much depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you need to don headgear such as a helmet at work, you will need a base material that can withstand such practice. Generally, the most durable base materials are constructed from monofilament. On the other hand, lace and thin skin units give the most comfortable and realistic look, but are less durable.

Among our clients’ favorite products are the HS03 and HS04. With regard to stock systems, the HS03 and the HS04 stocks are always in demand.

How does your Stock System differ from a Custom System?

Stock hair pieces are available in standard sizes, recession, density and contour. The choice of colors tends to be more limited and you can’t alter features such as the waves or highlights that are already in place. Moreover, you may need to have the stock base trimmed to match the shape of your head. At HAIRSETUP, our Custom Systems are individually designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of each client. You have virtually unlimited options!

Our stock range comprises the highest quality stock pieces available in the market. They are made using the most common custom specifications, while allowing for a degree of custom modification. After trimming to match your template or head shape, you can have a hair system approaching one that is custom designed and created. (Nonetheless, the very best results are, of course, obtained with a Custom System.)

If I am already fitted with a Hair System that I am happy with, can I have it reproduced?

You most certainly can! Actually, most dedicated hair wearers prefer to do just that. At HAIRSETUP, we have the expertise to duplicate any hair system, even the very expensive ones. To ensure a proper color match, we need samples of your natural hair. We can also modify the new system if necessary. You will get back your old system together with your new system, or get the former back earlier if you prefer that.

Will my Hair System stay attached under extreme conditions since I lead an active lifestyle?

Absolutely! Some clients may worry whether their hair system will stay secure while swimming, working out or participating in sports. Rest assured! The attachment method selected will ensure the security of your HAIRSETUP system. Our clients who prefer taking off their Hair System every night will select an easy on-off system. Those who are active in sports or outdoor activities prefer the most secure method of attachment that we offer.

Will my hair system come already cut and ready to wear?

At HAIRSETUP, we provide a CUT IN SERVICE upon request. However, we strongly recommend that you visit our studio to try our stock or ready-made system before making any final decision. Unlike some others, we do not claim to be able to cut and style a system with great confidence without ever having seen you or your natural hair. The only correct way to cut in a system is when it is placed on your head. If you want the desired results, i.e. a natural look, the hair system must blend into your own hair. To achieve that, it must be on your head when it is trimmed. Yes, even if you select the less expensive stock option, we do throw in a degree of customization so that it works best just for you.

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